Sunday, March 30, 2008

Don't Just Think, ACT

i spent my last day in DC going through the Holocaust Museum. Although there were hundreds of people and students crammed together in this exhibit (almost as if we really were in a Concentration camp ourselves, literally that many people), the messages still had their full impact on me.

I pray that my existence in this world can truly make a difference for the better and that I don't just watch the events that unfold in front of my eyes but rather become actively involved in pursuing justice and human rights for all.

Upon entering and leaving the museum, visitors are met with a poster that reads the following:

The next time you see injustice,
The next time you witness hatred,

The next time you hear about genocide,


I challenge you to do the same...And ACT ON WHAT YOU SEE.

If you ever get the chance, visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC or the Museum of Tolerance in LA. I hear that's also very good.

Friday, March 28, 2008

my kinda town...

so i went to Maryland/DC area for spring break and found myself falling in love with the quaint towns and the sweet, clean metro system. i had a chance to relax, sleep in a little past 8:00 (i can't sleep til noon anymore without feeling guilty or completely hating myself), read some books, reflect, spend time with people i love, of course shop a little, and just wander.

i've just been too busy this week after i came back that i just haven't had much time to do anything online besides check my mail. so here are a few highlights...

i love trains.

and cute old people [tired from a long day]. i couldn't help myself sneaking a shot.

there's something about secret alley's i like too.
by the Federal triangle.

meng and her alley's

i don't like traffic jams.
seriously, they don't joke about their traffic.

i like parades. i made meng watch it with me for a while before she convinced me on shopping.
st. patty's craziness.

i guess i always secretly wanted to be a "Miss" something. Miss Maryland waved straight at my camera!

apparently, i didn't take enough pictures with people. oops...i was too busy going gu-gu-ga-ga over the buildings and colorful doors. next trip: people pictures.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

There is a rainbow at the end of a dark road...

Just a quick update on my mundane little life: the stress began last week as I began preparing for midterm week with one looming darkly over the other minor ones--Human Rights. The stress continued to mount throughout the rest of this week as I had three other midterms to study for as well as some other pressing matters I just don't want to think about right now.

Basically, I could only maintain a strong face for so long until I reached the point of breakdown on Thursday. Bust just like how in a business cycle an economy experiences a recessionary period, it eventually hits the trough and rises back up in the expansionary period was my experience this week. Finally, I became aware that I hit the trough period on Thursday, however signs of an expansionary period were not apparent to me until later that night. After a couple of hours studying I was returning home when I received word that a couple of my friends were visiting for the weekend. Their loving hugs and fun laughs definitely brightened my spirits, but I had to break away to resume my studying. When I finally arrived at my house and opened the door to the kitchen (I usually enter through the garage), I saw a suitcase full of Filipino food spread open in the middle of the floor. I heard a familiar voice call out my name that did not belong to any of my housemates, but a voice I had not heard in almost two years.

The person whom I thought the voice belonged to was really the person sitting in the living room. We screamed and hugged and hugged and screamed until I dunno...What seemed to be one of the darkest and stressful weeks ever turned out to be quite beautiful. People truly make [my] life much more enjoyable and fuller. I dunno how I could ever do without them :-)

So this week will continue the expansionary period that I call happiness and hopefully will last much longer than the recent recessionary period that now has passed. And in just 05 days, I will be traveling to the East Coast where I will enjoy a restful week with my BFF whom I haven't seen since last summer.