Sunday, March 29, 2009

me in RAW form

i hate to see that i've only posted once since 2009 began so here's my attempt to amend that. i warn you now, this entry will probably have just a bunch of random thoughts strewn all over it.

spring officially started last week but yet winter had to revisit us again this weekend. so along with the blah weather, i'm feeling blahs myself. funny how i only want to write when i'm feeling blah. so i guess you can surmise from my lack of blog posts that life overall has been fairly good. 

recently i've made a few realizations. 

-i will never have another spring break, christmas break, or winter break ever again in my life. 
-my weekly schedule is now owned by corporate america
-i am my mother's daughter in more ways than i'm proud of
-i'm demanding, impatient, and sometimes stubborn
-however my early awareness of the above is hope that i can improve for the better
-i'm easily influenced
-i'm afraid i'm in over my head
-i'm way more inexperienced than i thought
-i have a strong hunger for real, honest companionship and i'm afraid it's going to scare people away.
-i get easily distracted from my goals and need to refocus. the GRE has been indefinitely put on the backburner.
-i sometimes don't know why i do what i do. *shrug*
-i focus too much on the details and not the big picture. working on this
-i often stick my foot in my mouth...i.e. this week i said the stupidest thing i could possibly come up with: "how many quarters are there in a year?" of course i knew the answer, i just had an urge to say it in question form!
-i can be such a Girl i annoy myself. 

-i sin. every single day. yet God keeps giving me chances. 

as you see...i'm not perfect. in fact this is just a sampling of how far from perfect i really am. so thank you for still taking and accepting me just as I am.