Sunday, July 20, 2008

embracing change

i've been staying away for various reasons, one is that all my current musings would only reflect the same redundancy of the last couple posts: the post-grad anxiety i've been experiencing.

today i was just reading a blog a PMC associate pastor wrote. he wrote about change and how the general population usually reacts to change. most people tend to run the opposite direction when confronted with change, while there are only a very small few that actually embrace change. in our current day and age, change is a constant part of life. technology, scientific discoveries, economic situations, relationships, etc all undergo change at rather rapid speeds. most of the time, it's a speed we're not yet comfortable with until it's time for another change.

i've been having progressive epiphanies on this matter when i realized what i was attempting to do--run away from change. i'm in my early 20s and have been somewhat protected from drastic changes. now that i've graduated from the safety, security, and structure of college, i was a bit caught off guard when i didn't know how i would maintain those three S's i was accustomed to having.

after two months of pep talks from close friends (whom i'm very thankful for), i finally decided to be a little more proactive with the change that's so-called part of [MY] life. rather than just sit and read job descriptions of what i'd ideally like to do, i finally took one and wrote the bestest coverletter and resume i could muster. just the very act of writing the company got me excited and started to alter my entire frame of mind.

i feel much more motivated, optimistic, driven, and passionate about pursuing something than i was a month ago! i realized how deep into depression i really was and the hole was only getting deeper. the very act of taking a day off to do things i really needed to do and improve my resume renewed the fervor and zeal i knew i once had within me.

now, i feel refreshed and ready to embrace the changes and challenges that LIFE will present me. thank you God for these dear friends of mine who take time from their busy LIVES to care enough to give me some perspective and even leads to job opportunities.

here I am LIFE! I'm ready for ya!